Template:Character |Name = Dorothy the Dinosaur |Playedby = Clare Field |Color = Green |Species = Dinosaur |Song = Romp Bomp A Stomp |Birthday = November 3}}"Dorothy the Dinosaur" is a Rososaur who's green with yellow spots, wears a white floppy hat. She loves singing with children, singing Romp Bomp a Chomp and running around. She also loves eating roses, and makes lots of rose recipes, especially rosy tea. She also likes cooking shortnin' bread according to Apples and Bananas. She lives in a pink and purple house with her own Rosy Orchestra and a rose garden in her backyard. She loves to eat roses and dance the ballet. She also loves teddy bears. According to Yummy Yummy, her favourite colour is pink. She was the first Wiggles character to be presented out of the 4 characters. She was introduced in 1991 for appearing on the song Dorothy the Dinosaur, the 3rd song made from The Wiggles. Murray Cook was the first to voice Dorothy, according to Everybody Clap! Everybody Sing!. Also, the song Dorothy's Birthday Party reveals the date of her birthday which is November 3. She has also had several songs after her like Romp Bomp a Stomp, Dorothy (Would You Like To Dance?) and I'm Dorothy The Dinosaur. In Apples and Bananas, we find out she has three children, who we know nothing about (at the moment). Her Catchphrase also inspired a song/dance in 1996. She is the Wiggles most popular character. In fact, so popular, she was spun-off into her own TV series.


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