Here Comes a Song
Here Comes a Song


April 12, 1992


February - March 1992


Children's music




The Wiggles

"Here Comes a Song" is the Wiggles' second album, released in 1992.

This was the first time The Wiggles appeared in their coloured skivies. Philip Wilcher, who left shortly after the release of the band's first album in 1991, was supposed to stay as a behind-the-scenes writer for this album, but at a Neil Diamond concert, was told by Anothny Field that the album had been recorded while Philip was away, and so he was not needed.


  1. We're All Friends - 1:52
  2. Little Brown Ant - 1:06
  3. I Knew A Cricket (Spoken) - 0:16
  4. Uncle Noah's Ark - 2:27
  5. Dorothy's Birthday Party - 2:28
  6. Bert The Wombat (Spoken) - 0:12
  7. Here Comes A Bear - 1:25
  8. Henry The Octopus - 1:43
  9. Poesje Mauw - 1:02
  10. I Love It When It Rains - 1:11
  11. Three Animals
  12. Sing A Song Of Polly
  13. Come And Sail The Sea
  14. A Pirate's Life (Spoken)
  15. Bound For South Australia
  16. The Gypsy Rover
  17. A Family Song
  18. Daniel And Molly
  19. I Look In The Mirror
  20. Fire Engines
  21. Dungley Wobble
  22. Lechoo Yeladim
  23. Dancing Ride
  24. Whenever I Hear This Music
  25. Tidy Up Song
  26. Fly Through The Air
  27. The Magic Kindy
  28. Rainy Day (Spoken)
  29. Glush Swish Mush Nump Spoken)
  30. It's Been Raining All Day (Spoken)
  31. The Dreaming Song
  32. The Lion And The Unicorn
  33. Mitten The Kitten



  • Murray Cook - guitar, bass guitar, vocals and Cheif Kabasa player, "Dorothy the Dinosaurs" voice.
  • Jeff Fatt - acordian, piano, organ, xylophone, vocals, hand claps,exmax "Jeromone's" voice and Mischeif's voice.
  • Anthony Field - jews harp, tin whistle, vocals, tambourine, bodhran, dingeridoo, guitar and hand claps, "Henry's" voice.
  • Greg Page - guitar and hand claps.

Additional MusiciansEdit

  • Jane Bezzina - backing vocals on "We're All Friends", "Little Brown Ant", "Come and Sail the Sea", "Daniel and Molly", and "The Magic Kindy"
  • Rosemary Richardson - backing vocals on "Henry the Octopus", "A Family Song", and "Dungley Wobble"
  • Peter Mackie - guitar on "The Gypsy Rover"